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The Advantages Of Online Payroll For Small Businesses

While spending time processing payroll is not exactly time wasted, it is however, time that as a business owner or manager, you could put to more constructive use, such as promoting and marketing your business or interacting with customers. One simple and effective way of ensuring that your employees are paid properly each week or month, yet without having to do it yourself, is to make the switch to an online HR and payroll processing program.

Here are some of the advantages of using an online payroll system for your small business:

  • It’s quick and easy

While you might think that describing something such as an online payroll system as ‘quick and easy’ may just be a fictional or exaggerated selling point, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, online payroll is so quick to set up and so simple to use, that many small businesses swear by this method, and wish that they’d discovered it sooner.

  • It can help prevent mistakes

Most online payroll services come with safeguards built into the system, meaning that the user will usually be notified of any potential payroll issues before they have the chance to become a major problem, helping to ensure that payroll runs smoothly.

  • Your employees can have controlled access

Not only will your employees feel empowered by being able to access their own payroll data, but you’ll spend less time trying to answer their questions. Controlled access can include check stubs from direct deposit, W-2’s and much more.

  • You can process payroll from wherever you are

With a mobile app, payroll can be processed from wherever you happen to be, not just from the office, and with the information being held in the cloud, you can begin processing payroll from your desktop and continue on your mobile device.

  • Reporting options can help drive your business forward

Most online payroll systems give you the opportunity to run a wide range of standard reports and dashboards, such as cash requirements, payroll journal and tax deposit notices, and with that much data and analytics available, you could soon be running your business in a much smarter way.

  • See important payroll information from the main dashboard

Knowing when any upcoming checks are due and how much cash you’ll need to have for the next payroll, is made simple when it’s all there to see from the main dashboard.

  • Most online payroll providers give you a dedicated point of contact

While online payroll can be expected to run smoothly for the most part, it’s inevitable that as an employer, you will still have questions that need to be answered, and with the dedicated point of contact that most online payroll providers give you, you can rest assured that the support you might need will always be there.

To know more about the advantages of using an online payroll service for your small business, reach out to a professional payroll provider who can talk you through your options and find the package that best suits you.