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Why You Might Need Professional Tax Help This Year – Part One

Tax filing for business owners is rarely a simple or speedy process, and with things set to get even more complicated this year, choosing to seek professional help from a tax expert, could be a very wise decision, and here’s why:

The IRS may not give you the help you need:

With widespread budget cuts throughout the IRS, employee numbers have been slashed, and if you have a tax-related query, you might find that you don’t get a timely response. However, with a tax professional at your disposal, your questions would be answered promptly and accurately, ensuring that you’re able to meet any penalty dependent deadlines.

Your personal tax queries may interfere with your business taxes:

Confusion over recent changes to taxes such as the slight increase in heath savings account (HAS) contributions, could mean that if you’re not familiar with them, you could end up wasting valuable time on your individual or family taxes, when you should be focusing on your business taxes. With professional assistance, all confusion is eliminated as tax experts make themselves aware of changes to taxes and the laws surrounding them, as soon as they happen, and the risk of falling behind on any deadliness, is then consequentially reduced.

Technology that’s way behind the times:

When you think about the size of the IRS and the responsibility it holds, you might imagine that it employs cutting edge technology and the latest innovations. However, this is far from the reality, and problems with an outdated tech system can quickly lead to delayed refunds, security breaches or difficulty processing returns, and with the current health crisis leaving the tax world in disarray, things will only get worse. Most tax professionals have access to top of the range software and tech solutions, meaning that even if the IRS fall behind on their processes, it won’t be through any fault of yours and you’ll not be held responsible.

More Americans are entering the small business world, but are they prepared?

The pandemic has forced many Americans to diversify and try to come up with new ways to make money, and while going it alone as a business owner for the first time, may be daunting, few realise just how easy it can be to make mistakes, not keep accurate records and file late, any of which can incur an IRS audit. The line between business and personal expenses can also become blurred, and if you’re not familiar with what can and cannot be deducted, you again, run the risk of being selected for an audit. If you engage with a tax professional from the outset, however, the risk of you making any costly errors is greatly reduced, and they will help you to stay on the right side of the IRS.

Tax professionals have always existed to help small business owners get a handle on their taxes and prevent them from making costly errors, but with the current climate of fear and uncertainty in the economy as a whole, a tax pro could become your most powerful ally.