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How Some Life Changes Can Mean Tax Savings

If you’ve recently experienced a big change in your life, such as getting married, buying your first home or having your first baby, you might not know that it can have a positive impact upon your taxes.

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From the firm: A time of transition

We can expect a new normal this summer, but we hope that you will find enjoyment in the simple pleasures while staying a little closer to home.

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Retirement planning by the numbers

Check out these tips and tactics for ensuring your financial security during retirement.

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image of a book with text The best business books of 2020--so far! typed like the book title

The best business books of 2020—so far!

Check out some of the best business books published this year…along with a few classics.

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Best practices for better online events

These best practices for online events will help you elevate their effectiveness.

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Pantry-o-plenty: Your stock-up plan

Going to the grocery store less often? Use this list to stock your pantry with items for easy and delicious meals.

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From-the-pantry recipes...

Raid your pantry for items to make these delicious meals.

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Mind flex: Favorite foods of the rich and famous

Test your knowledge of celebrities’ favorite foods and take our quiz!

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Act your retirement age

An age-based guide to meeting your retirement goals

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Choosing a retirement plan that fits your biz

Review our concise list of retirement plan options for your business.

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Retirement planning at any age

Your handy "save-by-age" guide to keep you on track for meeting your retirement goals.

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How Outsourcing Payroll Could Help Your Business Post Covid-19

With the impact of the global health pandemic being felt by thousands of industries the world over, many companies have faced operational and financial challenges, the likes of which they have never experienced before.

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Why You Might Need Professional Tax Help This Year – Part One

Tax filing for business owners is rarely a simple or speedy process, and with things set to get even more complicated this year, choosing to seek professional help from a tax expert, could be a very wise decision, and here’s why:

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How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Bookkeeper

The relationship that you have with your bookkeeper is worth working on, if only to ensure that your business can continue to function smoothly.

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Should You Be Worried If Your Tax Refund Is Delayed?

Some of you may already have received your tax refund, but for those who are still waiting for a check or a deposit into their bank account, you might be feeling understandably anxious.

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Avoid payroll paralysis

3 tips to get you moving and back to business

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A sure-fire solution to get out from under time-consuming bookkeeping tasks

Outsource your back-office work so you can get back to business!

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Make entity selection type easier: A quick-scan summary of the core five structures

Every business must fall under an entity type. And the structure you choose directly impacts many key aspects of a business. With this in mind, we put together our quick-scan summary for you to review.

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Get your just (credit card) rewards!

From buying equipment to employee meals and travel, having a business credit card to make purchases is essential—and so is choosing one that provides rewards!

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2 BIG pieces of SMALL business startup success

Your concise guide to business entity selection and accounting system setup.

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A stack of about ten credit cards.

Put an end to your credit card quandary

Ask the right questions to select the best card for your company.

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Knowing Your Payroll Responsibilities During The Pandemic

More and more businesses are being forced to close temporarily, or have their employees work from home due to the current health crisis.

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Important Tax Updates During Covid-19

As the deadline looms threateningly on the horizon, taxpayers up and down the country are in the middle of preparing their taxes.

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Cryptocurrency 101

Have you received, sold, sent, exchanged or otherwise traded cryptocurrency? If you answered yes to any of these, then you should be well-versed on the related tax rules. The IRS is ramping up its efforts to bring cryptocurrency users into compliance, and many taxpayers simply aren’t up-to-speed on reporting requirements and/or have failed to pay tax on past transactions. If you are one of them, here is what you need to know:

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The Pandemic Should Get You Moving On Your 2019 Taxes

While fears about Covid-19 seem set to take over our lives – and understandably so – it’s important that amid the confusion and disruption, we don’t neglect our taxes.

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Debunking The Myths About Outsourced Bookkeeping

There are many myths surrounding the outsourcing of such vital business services as bookkeeping, and here are just a few of the ones that are simply not true:

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Small Business Tax Deductions – Part Two

As discussed in part one of this piece, there is a vast and confusingly diverse array of tax deductions that small businesses may be entitled to, and

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COVID-19 UPDATE from Heyer & Associates EA PA

Our priority is the health and well-being of our clients, staff, family and friends and we hope and pray that this serious event is resolved as quickly as possible.

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Are you an Easter Einstein? Take our quiz to find out!

‘Tis the season for Easter eggs and spring traditions. Add to your Easter festivities by rolling out these questions, and see who the Easter Einstein is in your group!

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The best way to use your tax refund! SAVE

If you are receiving a tax refund this year, it can be tempting to buy items that are a bit more exciting than simply padding your savings account. However, as your rational brain will tell you, using your refund in one of the following ways can make a big difference in reaching your long-term goals:

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Skimping on sleep? Tips to help you survive...

A lot of people skimp on sleep. Sometimes it just can’t be helped. Nonetheless, long-term sleep deprivation can have a significantly negative impact on your health, so for those times when you fall short on much needed shuteye, use these tips to help you survive.

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person with cleaner and cloves cleaning a window

Spring cleaning—naturally

Giving your home (or office) a good spring cleaning is practically a rite of passage once warmer weather arrives. This year, up your spring cleaning game by using these natural cleaning alternatives. Doing so can improve your indoor air quality and keep your pets and children safer!

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bundle of parsley thyme mint and cilantro

Grow herbs—the easy way!

If you love jazzing up your meals with lots of different herbs, but don’t always have the time (or budget) to keep them in stock…grow your own! Review our list of the best herbs to get your garden started:

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Breaks on a budget

After the long stretch between the winter holidays and spring break, it’s common to want to go somewhere warmer or simply get away for a little R&R. Luckily, there are several destinations in North America that offer a great getaway destination without breaking your budget. Consider a few from

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From the firm: Spring forward to reach your goals

Spring is here and with it comes a time of renewal and fresh starts. In reality, March and April mean the frenzy of tax season and often longer days—requiring us to function on less rest than we might like. We can certainly relate, and that’s why we’ve spent extra time to make this issue a real eye-opener.

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Small Business Tax Deductions Part One

There is a mindboggling array of tax deductions that small businesses may be entitled to and whittling down the ones that might apply to you and your business, can be tricky.

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The Advantages Of Online Payroll For Small Businesses

While spending time processing payroll is not exactly time wasted, it is however, time that as a business owner or manager, you could put to more constructive use, such as

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Tax Planning Tips For 2020

When it comes to planning your taxes as a business owner, it always pays to form a game plan for the approaching new tax year to help lessen the impact come April, and here are a few tips for doing exactly that:

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Correcting The Most Common Payroll Mistakes

Mistakes made during the processing of payroll can be some of the costliest for a company, and when a business

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Test your healthy habit IQ

Most of us know what we should do to keep healthy, but few of us think much about why we should develop these habits. Many experts say that understanding the impact a certain practice has on our health can keep us motivated to adopt it and stick with it. Test your knowledge of why the following tried-and-true health habits actually work, and then try incorporating them into your routine.

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To a tea!

Drinking tea is a global ritual—and each part of the world has created its own customs to enjoy it fully. If you’re looking to make tea drinking a habit or are just curious about trying different ways to enjoy it, look no further than this round-up of international tea rituals from

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Bouncing back from a setback

The New Year is often a time of renewal and moving forward, but this can be difficult if you’ve suffered a serious setback. Whether you are feeling physical pain or a sense of being “stuck” from a personal or professional loss, it’s important to adopt the right mindset in order to move forward.

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Functional fitness training: Is it right for you?

Everyone should be concerned about maintaining their health and fitness as they age. This is where functional fitness comes in. In a nutshell, functional exercises train your muscles to help you perform everyday activities safely and efficiently. Check out these facts about functional fitness from The Mayo Clinic to decide if this approach is right for you:

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Beat the post-holiday slump

Now that the calendar has flipped to January 2, it’s time to put away the decorations, take off the loungewear and get back to business. If you are like most people, you may not be motivated yet to head back to work. Here are a few ways to counteract the post-holiday slump, courtesy of

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From the firm: Starting fresh starts here!

Welcome to 2020! It hardly seems possible that we are starting a new year, let alone a new decade. The thought is both exciting and a bit overwhelming as well.

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Why Payroll Should Be A Professional Affair

In days of old, payroll involved a whole lot of manual calculations on ledgers and employees were all paid in cash. Gradually, as time progressed, pay checks were introduced and workers often waited up to a month to receive their pay.

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How Much Should You Be Paying Your Tax Preparer?

There are a variety of ways in which tax professionals set their prices for preparing their clients taxes, and no two will charge the same amount.

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Reduce your holiday hosting risk

If you are hosting a holiday gathering this season, make sure you can party with peace of mind by addressing any potential liability issues upfront. The following are five good tips to reduce your liability exposure...

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From the firm: A season of giving...

Here we are at the tail end of the year. And that means it’s time to get things wrapped up so you can breathe easy and enjoy this special season. Be sure to check out our year-end tips to help you.

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business person in suit holding small wrapped gift in hand

Your guide to business gift etiquette

’Tis the season for generosity and showing others appreciation, which commonly means the giving of gifts. It can be tricky to know if it’s appropriate to give a client or a coworker a gift, and if so, what should you give? Here are some pointers to make sure any present you give (or receive) follows proper business etiquette...

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laptop with word charity and giving hands on screen

Charitable gift giving

Sometimes the gift of cash is better than anything you can put under the tree. However, with any monetary gift, it’s important to understand the tax rules. To help you out, we’ve compiled this brief overview to help you give wisely. (Note: Unless Congress acts before December 31, 2025, these rules will revert back to those in effect in 2017.)

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Your holiday business rush survival guide

The holidays can be hectic for business owners... unless you have an appropriate holiday strategy. Now is the time to start preparing so you can make the most of the holiday season in sales while not losing your sanity. Use the following tips to help you plan ahead:

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glass of milk with twisted candy can on edge of glass

Milk and—something special—for Santa

Can you believe that Santa will soon be here? If you want him to make a stop at your house, then you’ll need to consider what treat you are going to leave for him. Given that he’ll likely get his fill of cookies, why not consider leaving him something special to let him know you appreciate his efforts? You may want to borrow an idea from another country, or just try a different type of treat.

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Best holiday quiz ever!

Take some time to challenge family, friends and coworkers with this holiday quiz. You might even make it part of your holiday gathering or as an ice breaker for the office party. Enjoy!

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Carving out downtime

Fall is one of the busiest times of the year, and that means it can be hard to carve out a little downtime to relax and recharge. However, study after study shows that doing so is important to combating stress, which can dampen our immune systems and make us more susceptible to disease. And as we are about to head into cold and flu season, making time for you is even more important.

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From the firm: Make the most of the fall busy season

September and October can be extremely busy months with new school years starting and the crunch of end of the year on the horizon. If it’s your desire to pack as much fall fun into your days as possible, then you’ll be glad that you picked up this issue of Advantage magazine—full of goodies to help you do just that!

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Scary business mistakes to avoid

According to a recent Global Entrepreneurship report, over half of businesses fail—usually the result of poor or no planning. Whether you have a new business or you are a veteran entrepreneur, here are a few tips to help you avoid falling victim to the following scary business mistakes.

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Create a happy headspace

Do you feel like your mind is constantly whirling from one thing to the next? Do I need to pick up the kids, pick up dinner, wash the a client back? If so, it may be time to create some happier headspace. We offer five easy steps to help calm the noise in your brain.

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Fall weekend home projects

For those fall rainy-day weekends that keep you stuck inside, here are a few DIY home improvement projects that can be finished in a weekend...

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baby sitting wearing homemade gum ball machine costume

10 easy DIY Halloween costumes

Dressing up for Halloween can be super fun—but it can also be expensive and time consuming to find a great costume. That is, unless you use one of the following DIY costume ideas—perfect for trick-or-treating, going to Halloween parties and showing off your creative side. Pick your favorite:

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set of various age children sitting and standing on steps in halloween costumes and surrounded by halloween decorations

The ultimate Halloween trivia quiz

Forget the standard Halloween quizzes—this trivia will truly test your knowledge of this holiday. See how well you do, then test your family and friends to see who can claim bragging rights as the Halloween trivia champ!

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two female workers standing together smiling with aprons on and basket of bakery items sitting in front of them

Set up shop...the right way

Despite “the Amazon effect” on the world of retail, the dream of setting up a brick-and-mortar retail space is still a reality. However, it does take a lot of initial work, including ample marketing research to ensure your concept has legs in your geographic marketspace. With this in mind, take note of the following additional advice to help you succeed.

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row of children in a pool but leaning out over the deck with water splashing around them

From the firm: Find your summer vibe

Summer—it’s often a season of activity and movement. Whether you are enjoying time in the great outdoors or taking to the open road, there is so much to see and do no matter where you live. This dynamic vibe can extend to your professional life as well, as you look to take on new ventures or explore different skill sets.

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animated microphone with text prime podcasts over it

Prime podcasts

Having spare time is a rarity these days. So, how do busy entrepreneurs stay apprised of the latest business trends and information? Listening to podcasts are one surefire way! Whether you like to tune in while at the gym, during drive time or while traveling, here are 10 of the top-rated podcasts, courtesy of

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couple standing together at the front door of a residence looking inside smiling

Is Airbnb for you?

Have you been thinking about being an Airbnb host to make a little extra cash but aren’t sure what you might be getting yourself into? If so, check out these tips to make your efforts successful:

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animated ice cream cone with cherry on top

The best ice cream in the USA

Here’s an indulgent road trip idea. Why not visit some of’s top picks for the best ice cream in the USA this summer? We’ve even mapped them out for you!

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couple standing together in front of produce stand with a basket full of produce

Farmers market finds

Nothing says summer like a trip to your local farmers market. The sights, sounds and smells are enough to make anyone feel like eating their veggies and other good-for-you foods. Most farmers markets offer a variety of staples as well as a few exotic “local” finds. To help you make the most of farmers market fare, here are a few ideas:

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yellow and white striped sun hat with yellow sunglasses sitting on the edge of the hat with yellow background

Sun protection: Know your numbers

Many of us give little thought to protecting our skin from the sun throughout the year. But, the effects of the sun can be exceptionally damaging. One of the best ways to protect your skin is by using sunscreen. To help you select the right sunscreen, here are a few tips:

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